The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Short Summary Class 11 in English

The White Beauty

When Aram (the narrator) was nine, his cousin Mourad knocked at his door at 4’0 clock in the morning. He was shocked to see Aram on a white horse, who invited him for a ride. Aram knew that his tribe was impoverished. The Garoghlanian family had enough money to survive barely. They were also famous for their honesty.

He fell in a dilemma on seeing the horse. His cousin was not rich enough to buy the horse, yet he would never steal it. He asked his cousin Mourad, from where he got the horse. Mourad again invited him for the ride.

Now he thought that stealing the horse was not a sin unless they sold it for money.  He immediately put on some clothes and leaped on the horse. The horse galloped through the air.

Mourad (the craziest member of his family) started to sing pretty loud. Before Mourad, Aram’s uncle Khosrove was the craziest member of the family. Mourad was considered as the spiritual descendent of Khosrove though his father was Arak. 

The Bump

Mourad told Aram to get off the horse as he wanted to ride alone. Aram also wanted to ride alone. As he got off, Mourad kicked the horse with his legs, and it stood on its hind legs and started to run. This maneuver was the most beautiful thing Aram had ever seen in his life.

Mourad went fast and returned five minutes later, dripping wet. Aram rode the horse back home as he did not know what to do. The horse went on the wrong path, and Aram fell, but the horse kept running.

They had to find the horse and take it to its original place before the owner wakes up. Mourad took those early morning rides and invited Aram only because he was obsessed with horse rides. 

A Lie: Justified

He asked Mourad when did he start to ride the horse, and he replied this morning. Of course, he did not want Aram to tell anybody that he had been riding this horse for quite some time. Mourad controlled the horse and walked it through the vineyard of Fetvajian, the farmer. Aram went home and ate breakfast. 

The Wailing Owner

That afternoon Aram’s uncle Khosrove came for cigarettes. Another visitor John Byro arrived, and they started to converse. John Byro sighed as his white horse that someone stole last month was still not found.

Uncle Khosrove told him that it was only a horse, not the entire homeland. Byro said that it was easy for a city dweller like Khosrove to say, but Byro’s surrey was no good without his horse. They argued, and uncle Khosrove went out after slamming the door. 

Aram immediately rushed to Mourad, who was sitting under a peach tree. He told Mourad that Byro wanted his horse, and he wanted Mourad not to give Byro’s horse back to him until he learned to ride.

The following two weeks, they went on early morning rides, but when Aram rode the horse, it threw him. 

My Heart

One day, Byro saw them, and Mourad decided to confront him. Byro examined the horse and asked its name. Mourad told him that the horse’s name was My Heart.

Byro told him that the horse was a twin of his stolen horse. If it were not for their tribe’s reputation for honesty, he would have claimed the horse, yet he went away without claiming the horse. 

The following day, Mourad returned his horse. Byro came to Aram’s house to show the stolen horse. It was way much more robust than ever before. Uncle Khosrove heard him and shouted.