Mother’s Day Class 11 Short Summary & Explanation in English


Mrs Pearson and Mrs Fitzgerald are friends and Mrs Pearson is treated unfairly by her family. Her friend has a brilliant idea to teach a lesson to Pearson’s family. Read the rest of the story to see how the drama unfolds.

Careless Family

Mrs. Fitzgerald is a fortune-teller who has just finished telling Mrs Pearson’s fortune. Mrs. Pearson asks Mrs. Fitzgerald if she has learned fortune-telling from the east.

Mrs. Fitzgerald tells Pearson to be the boss among her family (since she is not treated fairly). Mrs. Pearson looks at her watch and realizes that it is time for his family to be home and nothing is cooked.

She hurries to complete all the household chores. However, Mrs. Fitzgerald holds her hand, and both recite a line. It appears that they both have exchanged their personalities. Mrs. Pearson is now dominant and bold, while Fitzgerald is nervous and fluttering.


Mrs. Pearson (in the body of Mrs. Fitzgerald) is very nervous and worried that they might be unable to change back. However, Mrs. Fitzgerald (in the body of Mrs. Pearson) is excited. She tells Mrs. Pearson that she will have more fun in Fitzgerald’s body than in her own body (which now has Mrs. Fitzgerald in it. 

Note – After the spell, Mrs. Pearson is in Mrs. Fitzgerald’s body and vice-versa. Any reference to Mrs. Pearson is to her bodily form (which now has Mrs. Fitzgerald in it).

Mrs. Fitzgerald (Mrs. Pearson) exited the house and went to her house as directed by Mrs. Pearson (Mrs. Fitzgerald). Mrs. Pearson now smokes a cigarette while Doris Pearson comes in. She would have been a nice girl had she not been spoilt.

She tells her mom to iron her dress which she may wear but is astounded to see the activities of Mrs. Pearson (as she had never smoked before). Doris asks for tea (which was not ready). She and Mrs. Pearson argue about tea and working hours. Doris Pearson leaves as she witnesses the hard side of her mother. 

Mother Has Changed

Cyril Pearson (Pearson’s son) enters. He is muscular. He asks for tea and gets a denial in response. Then he asks for his belongings, and Mrs. Pearson refuses to do any mending.

He asks if anything was wrong with Mrs. Pearson, and she replies that she has joined the movement that all of his family was a part of. Doris enters, and her mum tells her that she looks terrible. According to Mrs. Pearson, Charlie Spencer is also ugly. 

Mrs. Pearson exits, and Doris and Cyril whisper to each other. They wonder what has happened to their mom. Mrs. Pearson enters and tells both of them to be mature enough of their age.

Doris tells Mrs. Pearson that she has worked eight hours, and Mrs. Pearson gives no attention to that. Instead, she claims that she works forty hours a week. She warns them to work themselves as she will take two days off or might go out somewhere.

On those two days, if anybody wants something, he/she must ask for it nicely. Doris cries, and Mrs. Pearson tells him that if she is old enough to date Charlie, then for sure she is old enough to take care of herself.

Pompy-ompy Pearson

George Pearson (Mrs. Pearson’s husband) enters, and his eyes bulge out when he sees his wife drinking. George tells Mrs. Pearson that drinking stout is bad for her. He also tells her that he might not drink tea as he is going to a club.

Mrs. Pearson replies that there is no tea. He gets mad as they both argue. Mrs. Pearson tells George that everybody makes fun of him at the club and calls him “Pompy-ompy Pearson.” George asks Cyril if that is true. Cyril tells him that it is true indeed. Mrs. Pearson wants George not to go to the club. 

There is a knock at the door, and it was Mrs. Fitzgerald. She enters slowly and asks if everything is all right. 

Mrs. Fitzgerald

Mrs. Pearson talks to Mrs. Fitzgerald (Mrs. Pearson), who has seen what has happened in her absence. Mrs. Pearson (Mrs. Fitzgerald) assures Mrs. Fitzgerald (Mrs. Pearson) that everything will be all right. While talking to George Pearson, Mrs. Fitzgerald refers to him as George, which goes quite unwell with George.

He does not address Mrs. Fitzgerald well, so there is an argument between George and Mrs. Pearson. Mrs. Pearson tells George to go to the club and let the visitors have a good laugh. He asks Mrs. Pearson if she has gone crazy. 

Mrs. Fitzgerald (Mrs. Pearson) addresses Mrs. Pearson (Mrs. Fitzgerald) as Mrs. Fitzgerald and George look confused. Doris comes and talks rudely with Mrs. Fitzgerald. Mrs. Pearson scolds her. Mrs. Fitzgerald wants everybody except Mrs. Pearson to excuse them so they can have a little private chat. George and Doris exit.

An Obedient Family

Mrs. Fitzgerald tells Mrs. Pearson that they must change now. Mrs. Pearson agrees, and they both stare at each other and recite some lines, “Arshtatta dum — arshtatta lam — arshtatta lamdumbona…”

They became themselves. Mrs. Fitzgerald tells Mrs. Pearson not to be polite to anybody or else her effort would be a total waste. Mrs. Pearson agrees and tries to order every one of them. They comply with Mrs. Pearson, and the curtain closes.