The Story of an Hour Short Summary & Explanation Class 12 ISC

A Happily Married Couple

Louise and Brently Mallard are two people in love. They are happily married and devoted to each other. However, Louise suffers from a heart ailment (illness) which makes her susceptible especially when is she gets too excited.

One day, Richards, a friend of the Mallards, learns about a train accident. It is the same train that his friend Brently was on. He is shocked and tries to verify the news. On verification, he tells the news to Louise’s sister Josephine.

The two know about her heart condition and try to be as cautious as they can. Josephine skirts around the news but Louise eventually figures out the truth. She is devastated and breaks into tears of grief and pain.

Louise Locks Herself

Her life seems incomplete and she rushes to her room and locks herself from inside. However, when she is inside she stares out the window and has an epiphany. She realizes that continuity of life and the fact the world was still unaffected by one person’s loss.

She can feel an onset of a hormonal rush. She feels anxious but in a good way. She is full of energy and expectations because she finally feels independence. Even though she cared for her husband, she always felt anchored to his wishes. Now, she finally tasted freedom and loved every second of it.

Suddenly, Josephine (Louise’s sister) knocks on the door and tries to reason her into coming out. Louise obliges and rushes downstairs with her sister. They join Richards in the lobby. But they are disturbed by a knock on the front door.

Brently Enters

Soon, they see Brently entering the house, healthy and safe. Richards and Josephine being wary of Louise’s condition try to hide Brently from her but to no avail. Louise lets out a huge cry of anguish and falls to the floor.

She dies on seeing her husband alive. The medical examiner points to her uncontained joy and surprise at seeing her dead husband alive but the world never knew the real reason behind her surprise.

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