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Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom is the first Indian woman to win a boxing gold at the Asian Games. She also win five gold medals in the Asian women’s boxing championship. Apart from a boxer, she is also a politician and important member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha.

When it comes to Awards, Mary Kom has won Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan ,Padma Vibhushan, Arjuna Award for boxing and many more. She won the first medal of silver in Pennsylvania in 2001. She wrote her autobiography “Unbreakable “in 2013.


In the autobiography “The Queen of Boxing” written by Mary Kom, we will study in depth that how she actually became the Queen of Boxing breaking free from poverty with her persistence. She is the best example any women can have ,who wants to reach the prestigious stage in sports.

International Boxing Association

So, the story begins with the selection of Mary Kom in the 48 kg category for the International Boxing Association, World’s Women Boxing Championship in Pennsylvania, USA in the month of November and December 2001. Everyone is aware of the fact that how expensive a stay in USA is and so was Mary Kom. Her father could only arrange ?2000 for her expenses in USA.

On realising the inability of her parents to arrange more money, she asked her friends for the help. Her friends met two MP’s and got a sum of eight thousand rupees for her trip. All these amount meant a lot for Mary Kom and knowing the faith of her well wishers on her, she did not want to disappoint them and decided not to return empty handed.

Journey to America

Now she begins to describe her little journey about America that how tired and exhausted she was after travelling from jet lag. That day she had no match so she was free to take rest. She kept motivating herself by telling that she has the will power to defeat anyone in the ring and this was how she used to feel confident about the opposing competitive players.

The next day she had the match, in which she won the first round confidently and this was how she went on reaching the finals while her rivals were losing. After winning one by one, Mary had her eye on the Gold Medal and she had an intuition that the event in Pennsylvania would change the rest of her life.

In the Quarter final, she defeated Nadia Hokmi of Poland by RSC and in the Semi-final, she defeated Jamie Behai of Canada by 21-9 and this way she reached the finals successfully. But unfortunately she lost to Haula Sahin of Turkey by 13-5 in the final round.


The profession of Mary Kom lead her to travel different nations worldwide. In China, she was given Chopsticks to eat her meal, where she ended up using both her hands. She trained herself in handling a knife and a fork. Others demanded for spoons while Mary Kom satisfied her hunger using chopsticks. Despite the difficulty in eating, she enjoyed Chinese food.

Now, it was the highest time to return back to India. At Delhi Airport, Mary Kom was given a warm welcome and praises for her achievement. In Imphal, she was greeted with garlands, drumbeats and dancing. She was even provided admiration in a felicitation programme, held in Langol. She was presented with a traditional shawl. After seeing the praises, hope, unconditional love and blessings of people, Mary vowed to bring Gold for India in future.

Government Job

In order to make sure and remain financially independent and secure in her future, she was in need of a Government service. Her hope of acquiring a Government job was fulfilled under sports quota, when she achieved Second World Championship Gold. The Manipur Government offered her the post of Sub Inspector, where she earned a salary of ?15000 per month. She was allowed to invest time in her practice and even apply for leave while going for any tournament.

Breaking all the speculations among her family and friends about her ability, Mary Kom continued to drag the medals even after her marriage. She retained the world title in the Third World Women’s Boxing Championship at Podolsk in Russia, in 2005 .She was given a hero’s welcome at the Imphal airport and was taken to the Bhagyachandra Open Air Theatre, where a grand reception was organised.

Queen of Boxing

She won several gold, all the Senior Women’s Boxing Championship, the 2nd Women’s Boxing Championship 2002, the 2nd Asian Women’s Boxing Championships at Hisar in 2003 and the Witch Cup Boxing Championship at Paes, Hungary.

She continues to describe her self confidence and ability to win a Gold even after her marriage. Retaining her World title for the fourth time in 2006 by defeating Steluta Duta of Romania 22-7 at New Delhi was one of her greatest achievements in life. Winning at home land, gave her true satisfaction and happiness .This was how the entire nation and the media named her “Queen of Boxing” and “Magnificent Mary”.

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