The Convocation Address Summary in English


The Convocation Address is a famous address made by the great leader, Dr. Arignar Annadurai at the Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, on November 18, 1967, on the occasion of Convocation.

In the beginning of his speech, the speaker is overwhelmed and glad to stand before the newly graduates students of the University. Knowing the difficulties and hurdles which students generally face in the journey of their lives, he found it imperative to offer some suitable lectures and guidelines for the future of these graduated candidates.

We have hurdles ahead

He begins by saying that he is going to repeat the advices given by selfless and great men earlier. He describes the hurdles and difficulties which many graduates have the chances of facing in their lives like mean and selfish individuals in both the social as well as political lives. The self seekers live an expensive and deluxe life while the patient and hard working people suffer a lot .So, the graduates have the chances to be discouraged by these kinds of autocracy.

He explains that in today’s time, even the most service minded and positive people can be discouraged easily. Arignar pointed out that it is the government and the society, which pays for the education of the youngsters, so it becomes the sole duty of every graduated student to return it back to the society by serving the people, society and the nation in every possible ways.

Role of Universities

He even highlights the role of a good University in the lives of students because it the Universities which equip the candidates with knowledge and instills in them the perseverance and patience.

Besides perseverance, the Universities also make sure to enable the students so that they can serve the society in future and show their concerns for the common men and women. He states one of the dialogues of Dr. Radhakrishnan that it the University which actually develops the spirit and enthusiasm of democracy in the students.

In early days, the poets and the scholars were servants of Kings and Queens and their service was only to serve and adorn them. Their wisdom was only meant for their Lords and Nobles, not for themselves and other ordinary people. But today, the Universities are for the common men and women.

The students learn to value and cherish the point of views put by others and learn to solve any sort of problems through discussion. In this way, the Universities develop a sense of liberal and open mindedness in the students.

Dr. Arignar advises the graduates to emulate men as well as women endowed with the spirit of duties and continue their campaigns against the poverty and other social problems.

His Faith in Tamil Students

He has full faith in the Tamil students for they are the true inheritors of a great Tamil Culture and they possess the strength to cross all the hurdles with true dedication and serve the society in the best possible ways they can. The students should have the capacity to lighten the dark minds of people and provide hope to the hopeless.


The students should also take the responsibility of educating the uneducated and impart education and knowledge to them. By doing small steps towards the betterment of society, the students can return the loan of favour, which the society had done on them.