Seeing Eyes Helping Hands Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 7th

Seeing Eyes, Helping Hands

This chapter talks about a project called “Seeing eyes, Helping Hands” that was organised at New Vision High School. It mentions the formal invitations that were sent out to guests and the notices that were put up for students for this event. It also includes conversations that took place between teachers and special invitees, and students and their parents.

Formal Invitation and Notice

Everyone in New Vision High School was busy for the project ‘Seeing Eyes, Helping Hands.’ It would happen next week. The principal prepared the formal invitation. The art teacher and her students made copies of it.

It invited people to the Inauguration of the Project ‘Seeing Eyes, Helping Hands’ organised by Smt. Vimala Naik, former Principal of New Vision High School and President of Sahayak Samaj. Dr A. M. Chaudhary, Dean of New Life Medical College and Hospital had kindly agreed to preside over the function.

The time was 10 am to 11 am on Sunday, 9 July 2017. The venue was the Assembly Hall of New Vision High School, Off Main Street, Girgaon. The invitation was addressed by Suhasini Ambekar, the school’s principal, V. S. Ajinkya, Teacher-in-Charge, and Komal Shelar and Nitin Valke, Student Secretaries.

A notice was also put up on the school notice board to invite the students and their parents to the inaugural function. It said that students of class VII and their parents were invited to the Inauguration of the Project ‘Seeing Eyes, Helping Hands’. It mentioned the other details that were in the formal invitation.

Conversation between Teacher and News Editor

Teachers made phone calls to some special invitees. For example, they called the office of Girgaon Times and their receptionist picked up. Vishwas Ajinkya, a teacher from the school, asked to speak to their news editor, Mr Shashank.

The phone was passed on to him and they exchanged greetings. The teacher said that he had a request. He told him that the school was starting a new social work project. The inauguration was on Sunday. They would be sending the editor the official invitation that day.

The idea of the project was to make students aware of their social responsibilities. The school wanted Girgaon Times to cover the function prominently.

The news editor said that Sunday was going to be a busy day. But the project was an important one and should get good publicity. So, he made note of it. The teacher thanked him.

Conversation between a Student and his Parents

Students passed on the message to their parents. Sameer told his parents that they were invited to the school on Sunday, the ninth. They asked what the occasion was. Sameer said the school was going to run a project called ‘Seeing Eyes, Helping Hands’ and there would be a function to inaugurate it on Sunday at 10 am sharp. Students of the seventh standard were invited with their parents.

They asked where it would take place and how long it would be. Sameer replied that it would take place in the School Assembly Hall and would be about an hour long. They asked what the project was about. Sameer said they were all going to visit places and work for others, turn by turn.

His parents asked if he would participate in it. He said he would. His mother said one of them would accompany him since both could not go. Sameer said that would be nice because Mr Ajinkya had specially asked all the students to tell their parents about it.


This chapter teaches us how to write a formal invitation and a notice. It also helps us understand dialogues between different characters and how to write it. In addition, the project that the students organised teaches us to help those in need and fulfil our social responsibilities.