In Time of Silver Rain Poem Summary and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 7th


In this poem, the poet describes how rain brings joy and life to the earth. Nature is revived by the rain and brims with life. Both nature and humans joyously celebrate the rain and the life it brings. The poem is written in free verse. Rhythm and spontaneous expression are important in Langston Hughes’s poetry.

Stanza 1

In time of silver rain
The earth
Puts forth new life again, 
Green grasses grow
And flowers lift their heads, 
And over all the plain
The wonder spreads.
Of life,
Of life, 
Of life!

The poet says that in time of silver rain, the earth comes forward with new life again. When it rains beautifully after a harsh dry season, new life grows. Green grasses grow, and flowers lift their heads or bloom. All over the plain, the wonder of life spreads. Rain brings life to everything. Grasses and flowers cover the entire plain and fill it with life.

Stanza 2

In time of silver rain 
The butterflies
Lift silken wings
To catch a rainbow cry, 
And trees put forth
New leaves to sing
In joy beneath the sky
As down the roadway
Passing boys and girls
Go singing, too,
In time of silver rain
When spring
And life
Are new.

The poet continues to say that in time of silver rainthe butterflies lift their silken wings to catch a rainbow cry. The rain is accompanied by beautiful things like butterflies and rainbows. Trees grow new leaves to sing in joy beneath the skyDown the roadway, passing boys and girls go singing too. Both nature and humans are celebrating the life-bringing rain by singing. The poet again repeats that all this happens in time of silver rainwhen spring and life are new. The beautiful rain brings spring and life to the earth.


Rain brings life and joy to the earth. Nature celebrates the life that the rain brings, and so do all creatures.