Princess September Lesson Summary, Notes & Explanation WBBSE Class 8


The Story of a little bird who wanted freedom and demanded trust.

Months of Year

The King and Queen of Siam named their daughters on the months of the year. They named their younger daughter September. The King gave green parrots in a golden cage as gifts to all their daughters. Every daughter trained her parrot to talk. One day, Princess September’s parrot died. She was heartbroken.

The Maid of Honor told the queen about the incident. She told them it was non-sense. The Princess cried vehemently, and suddenly she saw that a little bird had entered her room. The little bird sang a lovely song about the lake in King’s garden. The Princess was happy now. The bird asked for permission from the Princess to replace the parrot, and she agreed. He sang her to sleep and ate with her, and also took a bath in her saucer.

Happy Princess and Her Bird

The other Princesses parrots look dumb in front of the little bird. Princess September and the little bird were very happy as she glided through the palace singing with her little bird. Her sisters did not like this, so they made a fool out of Princess September and told her to cage the little bird. It left September very uneasy.

Stay Safe

As the little bird returned, Princess decided to put him in the cage. She told the bird that some cats were roaming so the cell would be safe for the bird. That night the bird could not sing and went to sleep. The following day, the bird asked the Princess to let him out, but she refused.

The bird had this urge to see the trees and the green rice in the fields. The Princess asked her sister what she should do, and they all advised her to be firm in her decision. The following day, the bird lay as if he was dead. 

Have Your Freedom

The Princess got him out of the cage and asked him to wake up. The bird told the Princess that he could not sing without freedom, and without singing, he was dead. The Princes gave the bird his liberty and promised never to imprison him again.

The Princess grew up to be very beautiful and was married to the King of Cambodia. Her sisters became ugly as they grew up.