A King’s Tale Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 8th


‘A King’s Tale’ is an adapted version of King Arthur’s story. It details on what a brave, courageous king Arthur was and how far and wide his fame had spread. The path to his glory and the pain behind it are also highlighted in this text.

About the Author:

This text is merely an adaptation of the ancient Arthurian legends revolving around King Lear. Its author is unknown.


The theme of this text revolves around courage and bravery. King Arthur’s valour and glory and praised and hailed, forming the entirety of the text. How a king ought to be is also vividly brought out. 


The State of Britain:

The text begins in an almost fairy-tale like way with King Uther Pendragon of England, how he was a famed, just, ruler. He married Lady Igraine. The couple shared a son before they passed away soon after. Turbulent times arose with the passing away of the royal couple, everyone targeting the throne. Merlin and Sir Ulfis, the deceased King’s trusted counsellors, took matters to their own hand. Fearing for the safety of the baby boy, they give him away to Sir Ector, a loyal subject, to bring him up as his own after giving him the name Arthur. As expected by them, trouble brew in Britain with Barons’ thirst for power. Law and order crumbled. People suffered. 

The Christmas:

Arthur grows up in the safety Sir Ector’s household, unaware of his true heritage. At the age of eighteen, he had grown up to be just like how his father, the King, had been. In these eighteen years, Britain had still not attained an ounce of peace. None of the Barons succeeded in conquering the throne either. Amidst this crisis, one Christmas, people come upon a rock with a sword embedded it in. On the rock, it was inscribed that whosoever lifts the sword would be the true King of Britain. Naturally, the Barons all tried their hand, in vain. It was Arthur who could successfully do so and manage to pass the trail laid down by the bitter Barons. People hailed him as the King. 


Once becoming the King, Arthur efficiently brought back much needed peace in Britain. He fought many battles and ruled wisely. However, in one such battle, he sadly lost his sword. Merlin, who had been his father’s loyal counsellor, took him to lake from which a hand consisting of a sword adorned with rubies and emeralds was present. It was Excalibur, an enchanted sword meant for an honest, fearless knight. Arthur accepts the sword, swearing to never use it for his own personal gains. Arthur then ruled well for years to come and married Guinevere, daughter of the King of Cornwall. Britain prospered under his rule.


The tale ends with how Arthur had a long and fruitful life. In his old age, he gave the sword to a knight, asking him to return it to the same lake that had gifted him it. When the knight reported that a magical hand had retrieved the sword, Arthur instructed his people to put him on a barge. After a tearful farewell, he leaves into the sunset. This is the awe-inspiring tale of the legendary King Arthur, of his glorious rule in Britain.