Othello Act 5 Short Summary in English

Scene 1

In a street of Cyprus, Iago shows Roderigo the position from where he can kill Cassio. Iago is internally afraid that in case Roderigo comes out alive then he may ask gifts and money in return which he had cheated in the name of Desdemona.

Roderigo attacks Cassio and he cries in pain, listening to which Othello believes that it is caring Iago who has attacked Cassio for him. Iago stabs Roderigo.

Bianca enters and gets accused by Iago as an accomplice in this attack on Cassio who has now fainted. Emilia hearing this spites upon Bianca to which she refuses. 

Scene 2

Desdemona is sleeping on a bed. Othello thinks of killing her finally so that she doesn’t trap more men. He ponders upon her beauty and kisses her. Desdemona wakes up and asks him sweetly to which he answers that at last, she must repent for all her sins.

She says that her sin is that she loved him. She is unable to comprehend the intention of Othello so she pleads him. He tells her of the handkerchief which he saw with Cassio and Desdemona tells him that he has been deceived. Yet he strangles her.

Emilia comes in between and Othello not letting her enter, comes to know about Roderigo getting killed while trying to kill Cassio. When they talking away, Desdemona in her death mutters her innocence.

Emilia comes to know of her husband’s part and shouts at Othello. Everyone comes to know about Desdemona’s death. Iago tries stabbing Emilia and she reveals that she gave that handkerchief to Iago who asked her for it. Iago stabs Emilia and runs away.

Emilia falls beside Desdemona and dies. Othello starts confessing his enormous guilt, he realises his gross error. Lodovico shows the letters found in the pocket of Roderigo.

Iago is revealed completely and he is captured for punishment. Othello kills himself. Cassio exclaims at the greatness of Othello’s heart nevertheless and Lodovico disgusts at Iago of the scale of his crime and its consequences.