Othello Act 2 Short Summary in English

Table of Contents

Scene 1

In a seaport in Cyprus, Montano and few gentlemen are wondering about the strong wind which just blew through the sea and how it must’ve dispersed the Turkish fleet.

They express their common regard for Othello who is the acting Governor of Cyprus and currently in the stormy sea, facing it bravely. Iago arrives with Desdemona as planned earlier and they wait to receive Othello from the sea.

Iago witnesses their harmony and secretly thinks of the discord which he wants to put between them. Iago then meets Roderigo and describes Desdemona’s true love for Othello but he makes him hopeful by saying that Desdemona is too refined for Othello and it is Cassio whose refinements are suitable for her.

He asks Roderigo to irritate Cassio and incite him into a fight in public which may result in his dismissal from service. In greater malice, Iago believes Othello corrupts his wife. He plans to corrupt Othello’s thoughts.

Scene 2

Othello announces a celebration due to the total destruction of the Turkish fleet. He also declares his marriage in public and everyone in the isle of Cyprus is asked to rejoice.

Scene 3

Othello asks Cassio to personally take care of the celebration and control it. Iago tricks Cassio into drinking against his wish and Roderigo incites his anger and drive him into a fight. Iago in a very efficient manner deceives Othello into believing that it’s drunk Cassio who began the fight and Othello removes him from his official post.

Cassio suffers his loss of reputation and Iago falsely acts in a caring manner and asks him to approach Desdemona to help in reconciling with her husband. In a very self-conscious manner, Iago analyses how he can tempt others under his villainy while looking saintly.

He asks Roderigo to keep patience and realises the success of the first part of his villainous plan. Next, he decides to ask his own wife to act on behalf of Cassio to Desdemona and take Othello at the right time to see Cassio talking to Desdemona.