On the Face of It Short Summary in English Class 12

Derry: The Devil!

Derry was walking through Mr. Lamb’s garden when Mr. Lamb advised him to be careful of windfall apples; otherwise, he would trip and lose his balance. Derry panicked and decided to leave the place. Mr. Lamb suggested Derry not climb the garden wall as his gate was open for all visitors.

Derry told Mr. Lamb that people were afraid of him. Even Derry was fearful of himself when he looked into the mirror. Mr. Lamb asked Derry about his scar-face, and Derry explained that acid burned up that side of his face.

Mr. Lamb tried to console the young boy, but he believed that they were not the same. Mr. Lamb attempted to justify his claim by telling Derry that if he had a burnt face, Mr. Lamb had a tin leg, so there was no difference between them.

Derry told Mr. Lamb that at least he could hide his tin leg. They talked of beauty and the beast, and how beauty kissed the creature, and he changed into a beautiful prince. But Derry said that only his mother kissed him and that too on the other side of his face.

Lamb: The Angel

They both had a little conversation about the world and certainly about Mr. Lamb’s leg. Derry told Mr. Lamb that one day, two ladies whispered to each other about his face when he was going through a street. According to them, only a mother could love a face like that.

Derry loved being in the garden because it was the only place where he could hide. He also did not like being around people because they stared at his face.

Mr. Lamb felt for the boy and tried to entertain him by telling the story of a man who locked himself in the room. He had this feat that if he ever stepped outside, something terrible might happen. A donkey would kick him, or lightning might strike him, or he might slip on a banana skin but at last, while in the room, a picture fell on his head and killed him. 

You Got a Friend in Me!

Mr. Lamb told Derry that he likes reading books. Mr. Lamb also said to him that he had hundreds of friends. Derry was reluctant to befriend Mr. Lamb, but eventually, they both became friends. All Derry wanted was a garden and a house with no curtains. Mr. Lamb welcomed him. in his garden any time of the day. 

Mr. Lamb wanted Derry to help him pick the crab apples, but Derry’s home was three miles across the fields. He was afraid his mother would not allow that. They argued on their world views. Derry ran away but promised to come back.

In the next scene, Derry argued with his mother, who did not allow him to go to Mr. Lamb’s garden. Derry disobeyed his mother and ran away to the garden to help Mr. Lamb pick the crab apples.

Mr. Lamb tried to pick apples, but the ladder slipped. He fell and died. As Derry entered the garden, he saw Mr. Lamb on the ground. He started to weep.