Going Places Short Summary in English Class 12

The Boutique Shop

Sophie tells her friend Jansie that she will own a boutique, but Jansie replied that it would take a lot of money to own a boutique. Sophie was a daydreamer. She thought of owning big and expensive businesses.

In reality, she and Jansie both worked at a biscuit factory. Jansie was a realistic girl. As Sophie entered her house, she saw numerous untidy situations like a steamy room, piled up dirty clothes. She went to her brother Geoff, a silent guy who worked as a mechanic.

Geoff checked his motorcycle without being disturbed. Sophie was jealous of his silence. Sophie always dreamt of going to places with Geoff.  Sophie then told Geoff that she met Danny Casey in the Arcade.

Geoff: The Man

Geoff did not believe her and enquired about how did Danny Casey look. She told Geoff that while she was looking at the clothes in Royce’s window, Danny came and stood behind her. She told that he had green eyes, and he was not so tall.

Their father came and turned on the television. Geoff told him that Sophie had met Danny Casey today. Geoff and his father argue about Danny, and Sophie told them both that Danny would buy a shop. Sophie’s father told her that these wild stories of Sophie would take her into many troubles.

Danny Casey: The Man of Her Dreams

Sophie told Geoff that she and Danny came across each other at Royce’s window. She asked that man if he was Danny, and Danny replied positively. She also asked Danny for an autograph for Derek (her younger brother), but neither had a pen. While leaving, Danny asked her to meet him again the next week. Geoff did not believe Sophie.

The next day, they all went to see the game, United won by two-nil, and Danny Casey scored a goal. Sophie and Geoff were happy. Their father went to the pub afterward, and all of them came home.

Jansie: The Realistic Girl

The next day, Jansie asked Sophie when did she meet Danny Casey. Sophie was startled as to how did she know about the Danny Casey event. She only told her brother Geoff about it.

Jansie told her that Geoff told Frank about her meeting Danny Casey. Sophie improvised and handled the situation very efficiently. Jansie did not know about her date. She thought that her brother had let her down, but it was not this way, Geoff had not told anybody about her date.

The Power of Imagination

Sophie went by the canal and sat at a spot where lovers would usually meet. She imagined Danny coming to meet him. It was his power of imagination and her love for Danny that made her do this.

As time passed, Sophie soon realised that Danny would not come as Geoff had told her. She was afraid to face everybody, especially Geoff. Sophie could imagine Geoff’s disappointed face.

While going back home, she saw her father’s bicycle and was relieved because she would not have to face her father. She again started to imagine herself and Danny meeting at Royce’s window.