Act 4 Summary

Act 4 also starts with the speech of chorus which gives information about the journey of Faustus. Spending his time all over the world, Dr Faustus returns to home.

Robin and Ostler steal one of the Magic books of Faustus. They go to a wine-bar and start drinking. A little later, they steal a silver wine cup from there. Robin calls Mephistopheles and is scared when the latter appears before him. Mephistopheles is annoyed by them and transforms one of them into ape and other into dog. 

The scene now shifts to emperor’s palace at Innsbruck. Emperor desires to see some magic tricks from Faustus. He asks Faustus to raise Alexander the Great from the tomb and also bring him his mistress. 

Faustus accomplishes the task and emperor is amazed. He promises Faustus generous reward. Dr Faustus prepares to leave for Wittenberg. A horse-dealer comes and offers $40 for the horse of Faustus.

Faustus receives a message that Duke of Van Holt wants to see his tricks. Faustus accepts the invitation and performs his tricks. The duchess requests for grapes in winter and is amazed when Faustus gives her the fruit.