Dr Faustus by Christopher Marlowe Summary

In the classical times, the authors usually chose royal people. However the author chooses a common man having a usual life. The dramatist does not deal with the subject of war and no scene depicts love in the royal courts. The play deals with fanatics and fortune I.e. good or bad.

The protagonist is born in Germany and brought up by the relatives in Wittenberg. He is a great scholar of theology and divinity. He seems to be too proud of his knowledge and tries to over reach himself and ultimately meets the downfall. He takes his path towards Necromancy and sells his soul to the satanic forces.

The play has its roots in Icarus and his fall which is characterised by self-destruction. There is no outside force that compels the protagonist do magic. The Faustus’ soul’s salvation is clearly deliberate.

“Nothing so sweet as magic is to him, which he prefers before his chiefest bless”.