Act 3

Eric’s Relation

Eric enters the room and is questioned about her relationship with Eva. He accepts having an n affair with a woman from a bar but he did not know what her name was.

He also informs that the girl got pregnant and asked him for financial aid. Therefore, Eric decided to steal money from his father’s office in order to support her.

Now, the inspector takes every person to task for their involvement in Eva’s tragic end. He leaves them reeling under the shock of their callous behaviour and abusive attitude towards a young helpless woman.

Blame Game

Gerald enters the room and the family starts to blame each other. Arthur blames Eric for being a thief and asks him to work and pay off the money that he had stolen.

Sybil and Arthur ask them to protect their name and family honor rather than worry about a third woman. Sheila is shocked at her parents and asks them to consider their guilt and wrongdoing. 

An Impostor

The whole family examines the inspector’s actions and come to a conclusion that he might have been an impostor. He never showed the picture to all of them at the same time and the girl actually used different names.

They conclude that they may have met different girls in reality. Arthur interjects and claims that the fact the inspector was not real; they are all off the hook and must not reveal anything about the night to any outsider.

For him, nothing should jeopardize their name and his knighthood. Gerald also chips in and claims that there is no inspector named Goole on the official duty and there has not been a suicide reported in recent days.


However, their comfort is soon rocked as Arthur receives a phone call. He informs the family that a woman has been admitted in a hospital after committing suicide. Moreover, there were about get interrogated by a real inspector who was on his way to the house.