A Treasure Hunt Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 7th


  1. Sagar: Main character of the story.
  2. A Lion: First companion of Sagar who accompanies him to the forest.
  3. An Eagle: He alert Sagar and the lion from the dangers.
  4. A Sheep: He helped Sagar and the lion by giving warmth
  5. A Camel: He helped everyone cross the desert.
  6. A Turtle: He helped in crossing the sea.
  7. An Owl: A wise ancient owl and the last phase of the treasure hunt.


The lesson “A Treasure Hunt” focuses on the real tressure in life that is friendship. The main protagonist in the story finds a treasure map and on his way he finds new friends who help and support him in his journey.


A boy named Sagar goes to the library one day and while flipping through the pages of the book he finds a big sheet folded neatly. He opens the sheet and finds it to be a treasure map. He decides to find the treasure for fun and thus sets off for the journey. He walks alone until he reaches the forest where he meets a Lion.

Sagar asks the Lion if he would accompany him as they both can find the treasure together and the lion can help him from the dangers as he is strong and brave. The lion agrees and both continue the journey, which was a little scary for Sagar but they crossed easily as the Lion was by his side.

The two of them then reached the mountain, there they meet an eagle who also agrees to accompany them as he will alert them to danger. The mountain was tall and uneven, the lion slipped on the mountain but Sagar had his back and the eagle looked every step they took with his sharp eyes.

Then they reached a valley where they met a sheep who joined their company and protected them from cold. They finally reach the desert where with the help of camel the cross the desert and a turtle helped everyone cross the sea.

The journey ended on the other side where they met an owl. The owl spoke from his ancient wisdom and congratulated everyone for finding the treasure. Everyone was confused as they couldn’t see any treasure. The owl made them understand that friendship was the real treasure, with each other’s support they crossed the hurdles together and that is the real treasure.


Friendship is a treasure trove of connections on love and acceptance. It’s a bond developed between those who feel at home. The friendship bond one develops, can last for a day, a month, or even years. It’s not necessary to develop friendships based on similar emotions or feelings; friendships have no age, gender, or culture.