A Letter to God Lesson Summary, Notes & Explanation in English Class 10th

Hope in Despair

Lencho and his family lived in a house atop a hill from where he could see his entire field of corn. The survival of Lencho and his family depended on that field as he was a farmer. The soil needed water and Lencho predicted rain that day.

But instead of rain, there came a hailstorm that destroyed the corn in the field. This jeopardized Lencho’s survival as he had nothing to eat for the whole year. Everyone was dejected, but there was a small light of hope in everyone’s heart and that was “help from God.” 

God’s Address

Lencho decided to write a letter to God to request to help him with some money so that he could sow corn once more and live on until he gets a good yield again from his field.

He requested God to provide him with one hundred pesos as this much amount was enough for him to live on for another year. He went to the post office and put a letter in the mailbox with the address, “TO GOD.”

Godly Reaction

The postman upon seeing the letter laughed whole-heartedly and showed the letter to his superior officer who was a good person. He was very much surprised to see the hope and firm belief of a writer who had sent a letter to God. While laughing, he turned serious and wished to God for the same belief and hope. 

God’s Answer

To keep the writer’s faith in God intact, the postmaster decided to help the writer. When he opened the letter, he came to know that he would need more than ink to fulfil this task. He asked his employees to donate some money and also donated money from his salary. The postmaster also asked some of his friends to donate some amount as an act of charity. They gathered around seventy pesos for the writer.

Money Received 

Lencho visited the post office another day to check if there was a letter for him. The postman handed him the letter while his officer, who helped Lencho looked at him from inside his office.

Lencho was not at all surprised while opening the letter and instead became angry after counting the money as it was not the exact amount of what he had requested. Lencho became suspicious of the post office employees and wrote another letter to God while showing some anger. 

Lencho: Ungrateful or Naïve?

The moment he left the post office after putting the letter in the mailbox. The postmaster opened the letter and it said, 

                “God: Of the money that I asked for, only seventy pesos reached me. Send me the rest, since I need it very much. But don’t send it to me through the mail because the post office employees are a bunch of crooks.