Leave Application for Maternity

The HR Manager
Electronic City
20, October 2019

Subject: Leave application for maternity


I, Rachita Ram from the Project Management office, wish to inform you that I am an expecting mother. This month’s end I will be completing the 6th month of my pregnancy. My doctor has advised me to take a rest from now. Therefore, I would like to take the maternity leave for six months from 1 st November 2019.

As there is only I and my husband to look after my baby after delivery, I will be unable to work from home. Mr. Rajeev Sharma will work in my place in my absence. I will be available to take calls in an emergency. I have attached the approved application from Mr. Rajeev (my teammate). I will join the work from 1 st June 2019.

Thank you
Yours sincerely
Rachita Ram