An Ideal Student Essay

A student who has many qualities of the head and the heart can truly be called an ideal student. He must be a man of principles. His conduct and character should be exemplary He should follow regular habits.

He gets up early in the morning and does some exercise and even take a morning walk. He is always neat and tidy. He always sticks to the rules of keeping himself healthy. He is always punctual in attending school.

He works very hard at school. He always does his home-task. His result is always good. In examinations, he tries his best to top the list of successful students.

An ideal student divides his time in an appropriate manner. Besides attending school regularly, he devotes a fixed period for games and exercises. He also studies at home regularly and revises all the lessons that he has learnt at school the same day.

Even at school, he takes extra care to learn his subjects wholeheartedly. He keeps friendly relations with other students. He always respects teachers and students He always helps his classmates, if they approach him for it.

He tries his best to keep away from undesirable activities. An ideal student always keeps his promise. He is never proud of his achievement in any field. If he gets good marks in the examination, he gives the credit to his teachers.

He also possesses good and lively habits. He talks sweetly and his behaviour is exemplary. He always tries to help his parents. His relations with his neighbours are very sweet.

Ideal Student Qualities

Following are the qualities of an ideal student:

  1. Punctuality: An ideal student is always punctual. He does everything on time.
  2. Ambitious: He has a definite goal in life and works hard to achieve it.
  3. Creativity: An ideal student is never a book-worm. He does other activities that make him creative.
  4. Rationality and Logic: An Ideal Student does not believe in superstitions. He is always scientific, rational and logical in his decision and belief.
  5. Devotedness: He always does everything with devotion and hard work.
  6. Disciplined: He always followed discipline at the home as well at the school.
  7. Attentive: An ideal student listens to the teachers and elders with attention.
  8. Obedient: He is always obedient towards his teachers, parents and elders.
  9. A desire to Improve: He always tries to improve himself in all spheres of life.
  10. Empathetic: He loves everybody and helps the poor and needy.

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