Footnote to Youth Summary by Jose Garcia Villa


This is a simple but poignant story that compels the reader to value love and desire. Sometimes what we desire and love may not be the best thing to do. Sometimes we make decisions which are emotional and lack proper understanding and they end up defining and shaping our whole life.

This is particularly true when people are in their youth. They are young and hopeful and want to follow their every whim without giving it a deeper thought.


Dudong and Teang

In this story, we come across such a young pair of Dudong and Teang. They are completely enamoured with each other and want to tie the wedding knot even though they are still teenagers.

Dudong is adamant in his pursuit of Teang who happens to have another suitor, Lucio. He is much older and well settled in his life. But Teang follows her heart and chooses Dudong.

Dudong has a hard time convincing his father about his decision to marry. He wants his son to weigh all the pros and cons and then make an informed decision. However, Dudong is not to be moved from his resolution.


In the end, they both get married and begin a hopeful journey together. The next year Teang gives birth to their first child. This reality hits them hard. They are teen parents and realize the enormity of their responsibility. Taking care of children and building a family is a serious thing. In the next seven years, their family grows to a total of nine with seven kids.


Teang now regrets her decision especially looking at Lucio who is still childless (after marrying another girl). She wonders if she would have the same fate if she had picked Lucio. But she dismisses such fleeting thought. Both of them are still devoted to each other and their large family.

History Repeats Itself

After some years, fate reverses time and now their firstborn, Blas comes to them with the same desire. He, still a teenager wants to marry the girl of his dreams, Tena.

Dudong realizes how history is repeating itself and warns Blas about the consequences of such a massive decision. However, like father like son, he ends up following the same route and marries his sweetheart at 17 years of age.


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