Footnote to Youth Characters

The various characters of the story Footnote to Youth go through different phases of youth, marriage and maturity. This gives a unique perspective to characters like Dudong and Teang to understand how each phase has different challenges.


He is the mal lead of the story. He is young and confident. He feels independent enough to marry the love of his life at the tender age of 17 years. He convinces his father for the same and gets married.

However, seven years down the line and with seven children and a weary wife, he starts to questions his impatience as a young man. When his own son wants to get married young he advises him to not let hormones and young love dictate the rest of his life, which is hard.


She is the muse of Dudong and loves him immensely. She chooses him over another suitor Lucio who is a lot older than her. They both bear seven kids and feel that they made a mistake by marrying so young.

When she hears about Lucio being childless (even years after his wedding) she wonders what would have happened if she picked him, instead of Dudong. However, inspite of her doubts, she is love with her husband and committed to their family.


He is the first born of the married couple. When he turns 18, he also wants to marry young but is advised by his father to weigh all the pros and cons. However, he does not feel that he would repeat the mistakes of his parents.


He is the suitor of Teang and wants to marry her. He is almost 190 years older than her and a lot mature. But once she rejects him, he marries another girl but is unable to have children.


She is the love interest of Blas and loves him dearly.

Dudong’s Father

He is the one who advises Dudong to think hard before jumping into a commitment like marriage.

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