My Favourite Game Essay

Games and sports are very important for our health. They are the foundation of health and physical fitness of school children, college youth, and other people.

Schools have playgrounds, fields, gymnasia, etc attached to them to keep the students engaged in various games and sports. Games and sports help to improve the mental power of students.

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.

And I never want to be dull, lazy and weak. I am fully conscious of my health and physical fitness. Therefore, I play football in the people game school wherever I have leisure.

On holidays, I practice it in the field near my house. It is my favorite game. It is a very exciting and popular game. Football is played all over the world. Many people are fond of this game.

I also like to see football matches. I never miss a football match as far as possible. I go and see the local, national and international matches if they are played in my city. Otherwise, I see them on my TV set.

I like football because it can be played even by the poor. It is not an expensive sport at all. What is needed is a football, an open ground and a group of boys.

Football is played by two teams, each team having not more than eleven players, one of whom is a goalkeeper. The field is rectangular. Football is the game of power and thrill.

I am the captain of our junior school team. I have represented my school on a number of inter-school football matches. Many times, we have been winners in these matches and tournaments.

Pele of Brazil, Yasin of Russia, Nawalka of Poland and Chunni Goswami of India are my models and heroes of the game. I want to become like them in the game. They inspire me to improve my game.

I like to see the Jawaharlal Nehru Gold Cup football matches the most. I want that it becomes a game of the masses and that people enjoy it everywhere like the game of cricket.

It is said that football originated in England in the middle of the 18th century. But evidence shows that before the Christian era began, a game similar to football was played in China. It was called ‘Tsu’ which meant ‘to kick’. It was played with feet, and a leather ball stuffed with cotton was used.

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