Character Analysis of Ezinma in Things Fall Apart

Beloved Daughter

She is the most beloved daughter of Okonkwo and the only child of Ekwefi. She is a character who is known to be bold and at times confronts or contradicts her father.

Okonkwo, her father, always had wished and hoped that she would have been born a boy as opposed to a girl since she had a masculine spirit (Chinua Achebe, 1959).

Her character tended to win the attention, affection, and respect from her father and had a kindred spirit, a trait which played a role in boosting the precocity and confidence.

Ezinma grew to be a beautiful young woman and defy marriage until the point where their family comes from exile to help her father rebuild his political career.

Wise Girl

Just like her father, she tends to put strategies before emotions hence achieving the most success in the things he was doing. Ezinma’s engagement with Chielo discloses several tribal customs and beliefs.

It gives the procedure which individuals should undergo through when they are being married. She lived the life of a typical Umofian woman since she did wait until the day in which they came from exile and was married in Umofia (Chinua Achebe, 1959).

Like her mother, she had inborn confidence that did outshine most of the girls in the village.

Bold & Courageous

She was known to be ready to take the tasks of the boy. Also, she was talking with a lot of courage which depicts that of a man and has a temper fret like Okwokwo, her father.

However, she adhered to the traditional values and cultures by performing the gender roles and knows how to demarcate her boundaries, an attitude which did please her father so much.

However, in the case of her mother, she calls her with her own name and she had the authority to ask her so many questions which most of the women in Umofia would have found annoying.

However, given the boldness of her mother, she could be able to withstand it. The trait of Enzima thus makes her be a unique character in the whole book.