Essay on Industries

The progress of a country is to a great extent measured by its industrial development. To be a strong power in the world, a country needs to be industrially advanced too. Although agriculture has its own importance and provides the basic necessities of life, it alone cannot take a country forward.

Even to modernize and improve agriculture, industrialization is necessary. The modern equipment that is used by farmers is produced by industries. Industries in India contribute to more than half of the national income Items of daily use like toothpaste, soaps, processed foods, medicines, etc. are manufactured by industries.

The population of India is so large that we need many such industries to produce enough material so that things are available in plenty and at reasonable prices. Goods can be exported after they are manufactured in various industries. Quality is maintained by the manufacturers.

Goods should be highly sophisticated so that they capture the world market. To survive in the world, every country needs to be noticed and respected for what it produces and contributes to the world market.

Cars and electronics manufactured in Japan have flooded world markets. Their high quality is greatly applauded and Japan has almost become a superpower in the world because of its advanced industrial development Industries also serve a country in times of war.

In this nuclear age, unless a country has war-based industries, it cannot survive in the world. The only thing that has to be looked after is the pollution that results from industrialization. The government must also keep this in mind, and we as citizens of India too must guard against polluting our air to dangerous limits.