Essay on Horrors of War in English

Horrors of war mean the outcomes and the after-effects of war. War is a huge fight or a battle between two powers such as two countries. It always leads to destruction. It always brings death and sorrow.

War affects people mentally, psychologically, physically and emotionally. It produces fear among everyone. The wars actually end people’s hopes and dreams. They destroy people’s homelands. They make people live in constant fear of being attacked.

War destroys peace and harmony. Today, with the development of different kinds of atomic and nuclear powers like bombs and guns, war has turned into the most horrific and destructive weapon of our society. War has become an end in itself.

Today, war brings neither wealth nor honour. It can solve no problem. The results of war are always are the loss of property and precious human lives. War is a threat to humanity. They only bring misery to human beings.

There are different kinds of deadly weapons invented by science. The aim was to protect a country from any kind of external attack and not to call for war.

Modern wars are a danger to our civilization. As for instance, the two World Wars caused one of the biggest losses the world has ever experienced. The use of bombs and powerful guns are common in modern wars. However, because of the many great and horrific wars in the previous centuries, the history of the world has become a history of war.

Therefore, all the countries should be well aware of the ill impacts of war on humanity. They all should look for alternative ways to end the conflict. They should depend on discussing the problems than to involve in a war in any war. Everyone should know the value of human lives.