Essay on Family Picnic in English

To take a break from a daily tiresome routine, people decide to go for a picnic. Generally, people go to a peaceful park for a picnic. Picnic with a family always gives us a chance to spend more time with our family.

One day, my father decided to take our whole family on a picnic to the nearest park we have. The park is located in a peaceful place surrounded by small hills. It is located 30 kilometres away from our home. The park has beautiful gardens.

Last Sunday morning, we all woke up very early. We packed all our important stuff. My father helped us put everything in the car.

My father drove the car to the park and within a short time, we reached there. After settling down, we jumped around to see the flowers and everything that is in the park.

We could see different kinds of birds there. Then, my brother and sister started playing with their toys. My mother accompanied them. My father and I started playing badminton.

After playing a while, we all decided to go for a boat ride as the place is known for boating. We enjoyed our boat ride very much. As the boat was moving, we could see some fish as they were running here and there in the water.

Then, it was time for our lunch. We enjoyed our lunch and took some rest. We all talked a lot about many things.

But after some time, the sun was about to set. So we had to pack our things to leave for home. It was the most memorable days of our life.