Essay on College Life in English

Our life consists of different stages. A person experiences different types of situations at different stages of life. One of the important stages in our life is college life. This is one of the most colourful and important stages of life.

The beauty of college life lies in an atmosphere of freedom. In this stage, students become independent in their thoughts. The students get to choose their own field or area of study. Students can choose on the basis of his or her interest.

In school life, the teachers involve themselves in everything students do. But in college the students do everything with freedom and life learning. They learn to utilize their knowledge and skills. The teachers also respect the students’ desire to be self-reliant and try to develop their self-respect.

In college life, a student is filled with opportunities and choices. They discuss on different topics of their interest. Therefore, they are able to modify their habits and manners. As a result they build personality.

It is a stage where one starts focusing on his career. The students become serious towards their passion and dreams.

The memories of our college life are unforgettable. People remember the days of college with a feeling of pleasures and pride.

But this stage is also a stage of risks. In this stage, students get to involve in various students politics which prepare them as a future leader. In India, we have seen many national leaders of today have started there career during college days like Sitaram Yechuri, Nirmal Sitaraman, Arun Jaitley, Lalu Yadav etc.

College life is full of fun, enjoyment, friends, ups and downs, emotions and learning.