Essay on Mahatma Gandhi in English

Mahatma Gandhi was the greatest man of the 20 century. He was respected by the whole world. When he was killed, the whole world wept. The greatest scientist of the century Albert Einstein on the occasion said that the coming generation would hardly believe that such a man ever walked on the earth.

The great British writer, Bernard Shaw, said, “This proves how dangerous it is to be too good.” Gandhiji was born at Porbandar in October 1869. His early education was in Gujarat.

Later he went to England to study law and became a barrister and started practice in Bombay. On an invitation, he had to go to South Africa. What he saw there shook him. Indians were being treated like animals. He stayed there for a long time and led a protest movement successfully.

His movement was entirely non-violent. Gandhiji loved truth and non-violence. He never told a lie. At school, he always tried to speak the truth. Gandhiji tried to help ‘Harijans‘ all his life. He always fought for their rights.

Gandhiji was a great friend of the poor and the downtrodden. He loved them as much as he loved his own flesh and blood. He always tried to help them. He wanted to root out all evils in the country. He wanted to bring ‘Ram Rajya’ in the country.

His chief mission was to ‘wipe every tear from every eye‘. He believed in Hindu-Muslim unity. He wanted all people to live together in peace because he knew that unity is the strength. Gandhiji knew that India was a poor country. He tried to make her a great country in the world.

He lived, worked and died for Mother India. He achieved his greatest wish at last-the freedom of India. He also wished to see India prosperous but he did not live long after independence.

Three bullets from a misguided youth ended the illustrious life. His death was a great loss to the nation. Pandit Nehru said, “The light has gone off our lives and there is darkness everywhere. ” Gandhiji still lives in the hearts of millions. Let us be worthy of him.