5 Types of Essays

Essays can be of many different types. According to the subject matter, they can all be roughly brought to the following five types:

  1. Descriptive Essays
  2. Narrative Essays
  3. Reflective Essays
  4. Expository Essays
  5. Imaginative Essays

Descriptive Essays

These essays give an account of substances in the animal and vegetable world; natural scenes; of work of art; of some person place or thing; character sketches (a postman, a School peon, a teacher etc); processes of manufacture of towns, buildings etc.

Narrative Essays

These essays relate to incidents and events, present or past, real or unreal; as, a street quarrel; a festival: a fair; a storm; a motor car accident; an imaginary journey in an aeroplane; a house on fire etc.

Reflective Essays

The reflective essay consists of reflections or thoughts on some topic of an abstract nature. Topics for reflective essays maybe:

  • social political and literary as the place of women in society, caste system; child marriage; education; students and politics; untouchability etc.
  • habits, qualities, feelings, as (regularity, punctuality, good manners, friendship, Heroism, patriotism, kindness, industry)

Expository Essays

An expository essay is an explanatory essay. It generally consists of an explanation of some subject. Subjects for explanatory essays maybe:

  • scientific topics: as radio, cinema, wireless, telegraphy etc
  • literary topics: as the review of a book.
  • institutions industries and occupations: press small scale industries photography gardening panting etc.
  • Quotations or sayings: a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, time is money, where there is a will there is a way.

Imaginative Essays

In an imaginative essay, one’s imagination plays a free path. Such subjects as if I were the Prime Minister of India or The Adventures of a rupee fall, under this heading.

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