Application for Sick Leave

The Human Resource Development
HTC Global Services India Pvt. Ltd.
Electronic city,
26 September 2017

Subject: Application for sick leave


I, Sai Pallavi, Team B Leader, IT Department in the company, request you to grant me two weeks’ leave. I met with an accident yesterday while I was going back to home from the office.

I have fractured my left leg at the ankle. It is a bone fracture and so the doctor has advised me not to put any strain on the foot for a couple of weeks. Even a little jolt may dislocate the bone.

However, I will be able to work from home. Therefore, I would like to avail my sick (medical) leave from September 27th to October 12th . Kindly allow Mr. Rajeev Sharma, my teammate, to do the presentation on September 29th in my place.

Yours sincerely
Sai Pallavi