5 Minute Speech on Self Confidence in English for Students

Self-confidence is an attitude that we have on ourselves. We are not born with it but it is grown within us with time. Our environment plays a vital role in this affair. People who are always made fun of are seen to have lower self-confidence. it is healthy to have a good limit on self-confidence. When we have too much self-confidence that sometimes leads us on the wrong path and we get hated for when we do not have any self-confidence we lose a lot of chances and opportunities along the way. Having self-confidence makes us achieve more in life. There are so many people in today’s world who suffer from low self-confidence and even end up taking their own life. The root cause of this are many but one is the use of social media which has ultimately become a stage of comparison and the competition is extremely high.  We are positive and happy when we have self-confidence, and this is by all the most priceless possession in today’s world. The world of today has become so judgemental which has also caused many people to lose their confidence. We should belief in ourselves and our ability and keep in mind that we re all unique in our own ways. We may not have all the talents but there will be one at least that surpass all other. We should be grateful for the life at hand. We have to build sef confidence in ourselves and try building in others as well. We can do so through conversations and many othe rways.