5 Minute Speech on Science and Technology in English for Students

Science and technology have grown over the past decade. It has grown so much rather it can be said that it has grown beyond human imagining and is still growing. The future predicted is also rather amusing and scary, especially with robots now being built. The AI is especially very amusing with its capability. Scientists have built taller ladders through experiments on working on better AI and better robots. This is the world that we live in. It has also opened doors for many controversies as to how our future will be ruled over by robots. There are more young children as compared to other years that are very interested in science and technology. It is undeniable that science and technology have made our lives so much easier. They have made work and shopping so much more accessible. I believe we have to use science and technology very wisely or else they will use us. The amount of change they have brought to our lifestyle is amazing. Science and technology have helped us in all affairs like conservation, agriculture, health, transportation, communication, defense, etc.  we should be wise in having proper knowledge about this and most importanty be aware.