5 Minute Speech on Save Water in English for Students

The importance of water is now heard and talked about every day and probably everywhere we go; Live talks to news to conversations. It has been talked about for decades, but we were very ignorant of it, and due to very selfish motives, here we are, suffering. In most parts of the world, we face water scarcity. And we probably pay a lot of for water than for other things. Water is used everywhere and in whatever we do. We use water for drinking, washing, bathing, and many other usages. I believe we are very much aware of the importance of water, but to remind us again, let me state a few facts. Earth is covered with 71 percent of water. Out of the amount of water, 97.3 percent is salt water, which leaves us with only 2.7 percent of water. If we misuse the small amount of water that we have, we will go through a lot of suffering and this can be clearly seen and witnessed. Bahrain, Cyprus, Kuwait, and many others are countries that are faced with the most scarcity of water where a lot of people have died due to dehydration. Our actions paves the way for the circumstances of many other. We should really come together and work with teh world on this issue to save water. In our little bit, we can educate our loved ones and our neighbors on the importance of water, and as a small neighborhood, we can slowly start saving water and stopping water pollution.