5 Minute Speech on Save Mother Earth in English for Students

Mother Earth is also known as Mother Nature.it is known to be called a mother and not a father because it is life-giving and also because Mothers are natural nurturers. This is something that most people tend to be curious about. Our Mother Earth provides us with the most basic needs for survival and livelihood such as food, shelter, clothing, and water we should take care of our Mother Earth and not pollute it which will eventually cause harm to our mother earth. If we protect our Mother Earth, our Mother Earth will also provide us with its best but if we don’t, it may not have the capacity to provide us with the needs required which will eventually cause harm and major problems for all living beings. We see very clear instances of that in today’s world. Decades ago, we and our older generations were so ignorant of the significance of nature that we are suffering in today’s world. As we talk about suffering, we can see the problems we face in scarcity of water, air pollution, and many other problems. This has ultimately brought the rise of various kinds of sicknesses and diseases which has caused high death rates. I believe this picture cannot be clearer and we, as civilized and educated human beings should come together and work for a better environment. This will aid in making the air we breathe better and the water that we consume, cleaner.