5 Minute Speech on Poverty in India in English for Students

Poverty in India is still present in many areas. It is so sad to hear and witness many families in poverty. India is a developing country and it is trying its very best to improve itself in so many ways. There are many reasons for this problem; poverty. Some causes are corruption, fewer job opportunities, low growth of income, etc. There are many cases where the cycle flow of money is stunted for a long duration which directly and indirectly affects the economy and the people. It is said that the state of Bihar is the poorest state in India. As compared to the states, problems like infrastructure, governance and other development are way behind other states.

There is a lot of pressure on the government of India in this affair.  The government is also trying its best to do everything in its means to remove this problem. More employment opportunities, more spread of education, land reforms and others are needed to remove poverty in India.