5 Minute Speech on Pollution in English for Students

Pollution is a problem that is faced worldwide. The causes of solutions in today’s world are many but the root cause of it all comes down to humans. There are many kinds of pollution like air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and many others. All of this pollution is the reason for various inborn diseases. This has made a lot of people lose their lives. Pollution has made the world an unsafe place when it should be a safe place to live in. The air we breathe is also not healthy and the water we drink is also not safe. Pollution is now everywhere. We as civilised human beings should come together hand in hand and do all we can to limit these problems. It is a very sad fact that pollution cannot be dismissed, it cannot disappear but what we can do is limit pollution. How can we do that on our part? Firstly, we should keep in mind that small changes can make big changes. We should teach ourselves and others not to pollute our surroundings and use renewable resources. This way, we can help the environment. We should avoid using plastic bags because plastics are the root cause of pollution. 

We should work together and build a safer environment for everyone to live in.