5 Minute Speech on Olympics in English for Students

Olympic is a word that is derived from the Greek word. It is taken from the influence of a town called Olympia. This place is known as the birthplace of games.  The beginning of this can be traced back to 776 BC according to studies that were done. As we ponder upon it, it has come a long way and has been very popular to this very day. Of course, the Olympics has been progressing every year and new games and rules are being added as the world is modernising.  By next year, it is said that there will be about forty games in this Olympic sport. Back in history, this sport lasted for a few months, almost about five or six months.  This sport promotes equality despite any inequality amongst anyone. Racism is prohibited in this affair. 

Sports are taken to great importance and significance. The Olympics is a sport that is celebrated by all countries. It is very popular globally. It is recorded live so that people all over the world can watch it online through television, and phones. It holds great dignity in the world. Few people from all countries are selected to participate in this sport.