5 Minute Speech on Mobile Phones in English for Students

The first mobile phone ever invented was in the year 1973. Ever since its invention, it has taken the world by a wave. This invention changed the world dramatically. It helped communication to be way easier. And it aided in boosting the economy directly and indirectly. With time, different brands of mobile phones rose and the competition became very strong, it still is. Samsung and iPhone are brands that are probably taking a lead role in mobile phones. With mobile phones at hand, many people can work from home through it. The changes that mobile phones have brought into the lives of people and in the working of society is a major change. We can all agree that it has helped society a lot. But with that in mind, we should also remember the negative impact brought into the world. Mobile phones have also increased addiction and with addiction comes a lot of varied problems like mental issues, vision problems, health problems, and many others. So, at the end of the day, no matter how great and strong the impact is, there will always be bad and negative impacts along with it. We have to be wise and practical enough to keep a limit to using mobile phones and teach others, especially our juniors, our siblings, our family, our friends, and our acquaintances about it.