My Favourite Flower Rose Essay in English

Flowers are the most beautiful flower God has created. They are of different shapes, colours, and different sizes. My favourite flowers are Rose and are known as the flower of love. The rose is found all over the world.

Rose is a very beautiful flower. Some call it the ‘King of Flower’ and some call it as the ‘Queen of Flowers.’ Roses grow in different colours like red, white, yellow, pink and many more.

Roses have small thorns on their stem to protect themselves. The rose plant grows in the form of shrubs. A rose plant has round and deep coloured leaves. The unique fruit of the rose plant is called rosehip. The petals of the rose are dried and packed so to use them for scent.


The flower, rose is taken as a symbol, of love and compassion. Different colours of roses stand for different human emotions. Red rose is a symbol of love. Yellow rose stands for friendship. A white rose is the symbol of purity and pink rose is for joy.

It is famous across the world and people use roses to make garlands. They are used to offer as gifts to someone you love and respect. They are used to make different beauty products. The products like rose water rose fresher and rose perfume are made out of a rose.

More than that, Rose perfume is actually made of the rose oil. The items like rose fallooda, and rose sharbat are also produced using rose.

Because of its importance in people’s lives and its engagement with their emotions, every year, on 7th of February, Rose Day is celebrated.

Question on Rose

What is a rose?

Rose is a flower. It is the symbol of emotions like Red for love, yellow for friendship, Pink for Joy. It is a flowing shrub. The word rose came from Rosa meaning endearment.

What are the uses of Rose?

Rose is used for Ornamental, in cosmetics, expressing the feeling as it symbolizes many emotions, used in decoration, Medicinal use and used as an ornament.