5 Minute Speech on Learning in English for Students

Learning is one of the best gifts of life. Through learning, we can educate ourselves and others. We can stay protected and be protected. There is no limit to learning. We can learn till we die. This is an ability that is possessed by animals and humans. Influencing can also be one of the best learning platforms. Through conversation, people can learn more with interest. Some people are fast learners while some are slow. There is always room for improvement when it comes to learning. Learning has made people bolder and more courageous to face the hurdles of life. It has helped us emotionally and physically. When we interact with people, learning can take place. Learning can be through many ways. It can be through listening, watching or speaking as well. It can be done physically or virtually as well. We as humans are forever curious. But the coming of gadgets and the internet has decreased that greatly. Therefore we have to work hand in hand with each other to promote more learning and make learning fun for children and adults as well.