5 Minute Speech on Animals in English for Students

Animals have made the world a better place. Some animals are tamed while some are not. Animals that are not tamed can be very dangerous. There are thousands of species of animals. Dogs and cats are the most popular pets among many. Animals have helped humans in different ways. For instance, dogs guard houses. They are also regarded as man’s best friends. They are used in police forces to detect drugs. Their sense of smell is extremely strong and powerful. We have to take care of animals as they help significantly in the food chain of humans. If all animals are extinct one day, humans will suffer greatly. Animals provide a lot to humans and the world. They give us food. Their fur is used as clothing. It has been so since the time of early man. However, with time, it has become illegal to do so, because of the number of animals that have been killed for business purposes. Animals are also extremely intelligent and have been proven to be the best company for humans. Since time immemorial, animals have been helping humans so greatly in carrying heavy loads. They provide milk, meat and eggs. Their hooves and bones are also used for a variety of uses. They also play an important role in nature by spreading seeds. Animals like cats have proven significantly helpful in our mental health. It is very important to take care of animals and show our respect as they would do the same. Life without animals seems rather unimaginable. There are a lot of countries that raise funds through wild animals. In most cases, many would be left without a job and would be in despair.  Pets, especially cats and dogs that we let into our homes should be very clean, well fed and should be taken to the vet now and then. All animals are amazing, working in their way and making it through life. One of the astonishing facts about animals is that one animal that does not have a brain is the starfish. Koalas are the only animals that have fingerprints so similar to those of humans which makes it very confusing for people to detect. 

Animals are in themselves a blessing to the world. Some are and can be very dangerous and therefore should be tamed well. A person, especially a kid, should be well aware that not all animals are friendly and should be very careful in approaching any. We should take good care of all animals irrespective of their species and treat them with love and care.