5 Minute Speech on Agriculture in English for Students

Agriculture is a very important source of the economy of the majority of the country. China and India are the two countries out of the few that depend on agriculture more than other countries and are also the countries that have reached the top in agricultural production. Since time immemorial, agriculture has played a massive role in the start of survival. Governments have also helped the agricultural sector greatly on their ends and are still trying to work on better facilities for agriculture. Under agriculture, we have different types of farming. While some say organic farming is the best and is seen to be the safest it is not wholly sustainable. In India, the biggest production is wheat and rice and therefore rice plays a major role as the main dish.  Agriculture has also really boosted the economy of many countries, especially India.  There are still so many improvements that are needed for the agricultural sector in India. Of course, there are a lot of improvements that have been in progress. We as citizens of India need to know the value and significance of agriculture and try to do everything on our part to help this process. Social media in today’s world is so important and through this, a lot of knowledge can be passed through. The majority of the farming areas are found in rural areas. And majority of the poor people of India reside in those areas depending on the farms for their everyday food. India is well-known globally for its rich production of milk, spice, pulses and others. Water is also very important in this field and therefore we should take this into account and take care of our water and use it judiciously as well as this is well linked with agriculture. If we boost our agriculture sector in India, there will be less poverty in the rural areas. It would aid in the development of rural areas as well.  There is a lot of pressure on the government regarding a lot of things linked with agriculture, especially on better water resources and better equipment. As we take care of our agriculture, we will be able to satisfy every man’s needs. 

We should try and give the depth of knowledge on agriculture to the kids of today.  This I believe will go on strong for the long run as the children are our future generation.