5 Minute Speech on Laughter is the best Medicine in English for Students

Life of today can be said to be quite stressful, especially with all the competition surrounding all of us. In addition to that, The media has boosted the competition levels. Of course, competition is good but the competition that I want to focus on today is the toxic competition that rises amid all competition. With time, the schedule is getting tighter and with much more seriousness and stress. I believe this can be agreed upon d by everyone. As we wonder about this thought, people are forgetting to take care of themselves, especially their mental well-being. There is a rise in mental illness and many other problems with the root cause of being mentally strained. People are so focused on work that they forget to laugh and relax their minds. Laughing is an exercise for the brain to stay relaxed. It helps the body physically, mentally and emotionally. It helps one be more positive and be more productive. It is the best medicine for their body and mind. It also helps in burning calories. It aids in the blood flow as well. Being happy is the best medicine to live longer and to be more healthy.  It helps one in so many ways and in the most amazing way.  Blood sugar is also being well regulated and. A person is also seen to sleep better. 

We should put more importance to laughter. With this in mind we also see the uprise of many comedians who is making their way through life as one of the best job.