5 Minute Speech on Internet in English for Students

Internet has become a very important part of network ever since it’s establishment. The world works is dependent on internet for various workings. For instance the coming of internet has really boosted the economy of all countries and brought rise to more virtual shopping like amazon, fliokart and many other. Through internet, people are able to communicate even despite living in different countries. That’s how internet has really made. A major change in the world. Through internet, we are able to keep ourselves updated with the latest trend, we are able to communicate better and join hands with others of different race. It can be rightly said that major changes happened because of internet. Studying and learning has also been made available virtually for students through internet. As much as advantage it has, it has also brought it various disadvantages which could be a risk of life.  How so, if you ask? Well, the coming of internet brought rise to many scams, cyber bullying and internet addiction which are the root causes for mental health issues, vision problems and many other health detriotating complains. Therefore, we must use internet with limit and with good intention. This way we will use internet the right way. We should also teach our friends, and colleagues to use internet wisely and remind them if they’re over using it.