5 Minute Speech on Indian Constitution in English for Students

The Indian constitution is filled with articles, rights, rules, laws and many others. Dr BR Ambedkar is the chairman of the constitution of India. It is the world’s longest constitution in the world. It is said that it took almost three years to make this constitution. There were a lot of meetings held by the heads to make this constitution. It was made with the agreement of many people. It started in the year 1950. The citizens of India and the government protect this constitution. This constitution is followed in all affairs like politics, power and rights. In all the pages of the constitution, it has been decorated by very talented artists. This constitution was handwritten and this is a unique feature that amazes the majority of the people. It was only through this that women were able to get the right to vote. It was written in Hindi and English as well. 

This constitution is extremely important for everyone and therefore it is taught in schools and colleges.