5 Minute Speech on Impact of Technology in our Life in English for Students

Technology has played a significant role in all of our lives. It is undeniable that technology has made our lives so much simpler and more manageable.  But at the same time, it has immensely brought a lot of effect on our health. With the popularity of technology growing every year, it has become a part of our lives. Life as we see it, seems rather impossible to live without technology. A day without technology would be a day of hell for the majority of us. I think we can all admit that we would all get very restless without it. 

Ever since the introduction of technology, it made our body and our mental state very dependent on it. We see that the majority of us prefer to do everything online. Such as shopping, communication, work, and many others. This has caused a serious impact on our health. People are becoming lazy and we also see that very few people tend to come out of their houses to exercise or work, all because of the dependence on technology. Because of technology, there is a rise in mental stress and more mental problems like depression, anxiety, and many more. Technology has made us sit down more often than we did before and this turn has made our body very weak. The human body needs exercise. It has been so since time immemorial. But we see a huge change in our health with the coming of technology. 

We must really learn to limit the use of technology and use them when only in need for the dake of our health.