5 Minute Speech on India in English for Students

India is a country diverse in culture and religion. It is the most populated country in the world. India, like most countries, has flaws. It is known for the patriotic spirit that the people have. This spirit is not taught by anyone but is engraved in the hearts of the Indians by their leaders. Because of this and many other reasons, India is looked up to. It is a country filled with great history. Many tourists visit India for a lot of reasons such as to see the beauty and the variety of culture and traditions of many different states. People in India are also known for their hospitality. While some Indians can be rather dangerous, there are still many who are known for their heart of gold. India is a country known for the rise of many mathematicians, artists, engineers and scientists. 

It is a country that is worth the stay as one learns a lot about the country and the history and significance of the country.