5 Minute Speech on Illiteracy in English for Students

Literacy is the ability to read and write and illiteracy means the inability to read and write. Illiteracy is still present in the world despite the development in many areas. This is extremely sad to point out but this has become a bitter fact in the world. This is also an area of great pressure for the government. The governments of all countries are trying their very best to improve the illiteracy rate of their own country. We can, on our little part, put in improvement on this sector in our locality. We should work hand in hand with our members and try to support one another a little bit and try to remove illiteracy wholly. This way small changes will end up making big changes.  Based on facts countries like Niger, South Sudan and many others are on the top list of the world’s most illiteracy rate. It is also the root cause of poverty and unemployment which in turn has a huge effect on the economy of a country. 

This is a subject topic to be shared and puts pressure upon the minds of everyone and not just the government alone.