5 Minute Speech on Importance of Water in English for Students

Water is a very important factor in life. It gives everyone life on this planet Earth. It keeps us hydrated and healthy, it aids us in washing anything and keeping things very clean. Without water, none of it will be possible. The importance of water is a very important study topic for every living being. We should teach ourselves the importance of water and teach our younger ones and even the older ones about the significance of water. There are a lot of places where because of climate changes and other problems,  there are many causes of shortage in water. Many varied kinds of implements are brought into action to save water such as rainwater harvesting which is very popular all over the world. We have to work towards educating people on the importance of water. We can educate people not to pollute the oceans, sea and rivers. Educating a person starts from the root which is childhood therefore, parents and teachers are the pillars of teaching the child to become the change that we need in society.